Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuscan style white bean quesadillas with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes

Long title, tasty dish. I've been reminded by a couple friends that my blog had been un-updated for quite a while....opps! I can't even figure out where to start explaining that one. Disinterest in cooking? Check. Working a lot? Check. Free time taken up with going to the gym? Check.

Regardless, I am going to attempt amends for this. These quesadillas are from Supermarket Vegan, a nice little book full of fast and fresh recipe ideas. The idea for the book is that it uses ingredients found in most grocery stores (score!) and, as a result, tends to have a lot of stuff I have in my house already. These are very tasty with sour creamy sauce (my fav) or pasta sauce (DR's fav). Using beans instead of cheese in quesadillas isn't something I'm new to but it works fantastically. Black beans and sweet potatoes are another winning combo. Yes!

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