Saturday, March 5, 2011

thai inspired soup

okay, so i know it isn't very fair that i've been posting test recipes lately. well, lately meaning "i finally started blogging on here again and, oh look! what pics do i have in my camera." anyways, something is better than nothing, right? a thai inspired soup for the new book full of veggies with a light coconut-citrus broth. ohhh! i've made this twice so far.

i do testing for my buddy tess, who blogs over at radiant health, inner wealth. she has ton of awesome vegan recipes and words of inspiration. her blog is free therepy on the web! she is also a very talented recipe author and has two books out and more in the works. i've been testing for her kiddo book (kid friendly vegan recipes) and for (i think?) weight loss. it is hard to think of it as "weight loss" when i don't think of myself as a) being on a diet or b) when the recipes are soo tasty!

if you love cooking, try some of her recipes out. this is an excellent tomato soup recipe.  tomato soup not your thing? try something else - use her labels to explore her free tasty recipes. then become her fan and friend and maybe you too can recipe test!

1 comment:

furrywrath said...

i'm not a vegan but that soup at the top of your page looks tasty.



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