Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kale, tomato, beans

Last night was a nice veggie heavy "stew" dish. I bought a huge mess of kale at the store and was looking around for a recipe to make. DR really likes tomatos, so I started there and found this recipe. It's called "Pretty Easy Bean Dish" and the author is right--it was pretty easy! It was fun using the fresh kale. I had about 8 cups of it that needed to get cooked down into about 3 cups. I love greens.

I made some garlic toast on the side. It was quite good! I had run out of my pasta spice blend and so I created something following the label--italian blend, paprika, pepper, ginger, some other stuff I can't remember...

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

The greens in the photo look like mustard greens, not kale. sounds yummy either way.


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