Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cougi's Special Day

I've been really really bad about updating the blog - it's been like 2 plus months! The semester has been nuts (to say the least). At first, three preps seemed okay but I find that the grading never stops. Oh well, live and learn.

This meal I put together for DR and Cammers to celebrate the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved Cougi. I wanted to do something "homemade" and wholesome, to keep DR happy. But I didn't want to do anything too normal. So enter: Phillo wrapped bean and nut loaf.

This loaf is from a little "vegetarian" cookbook that I got for a couple bucks at the craft store. If you craft at all, you know what I'm talking about. Most of the recipes are not vegan, but most can be converted easy by swapping out dairy for subs. The best recipe from here to date is this loaf. I first made it a couple years ago for Easter when I hosted "the boys" from the lab at my old apartment (I guess that was over two years ago.... regardless). I made two and one fell on the floor. I stood there in shock and sadness and S picked it up off the floor. I can't remember how it found its way to the trash, but it did becaue it was covered in cat fur.

Along with the loaf, i made some kale, roasted carrots, and mashed potatos and gravy. Yum.

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