Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indian, again!

I've made it a mini mission of mine to photograph all the Indian recipes on vegweb. So far, things have been good!

Starting in the upper right corner, we have a zucchini and tomato curry. Yum! Next, corn usal. At least that is how I think it is spelt. Next is the winner for the night, mushroom curry. I could eat a gallon of this stuff! Finally is some Afghani-style curry with beans, spinach, and sweet potato. It was good, but spicy! I tossed it all on lime-cilantro rice. There isn't a recipe for that, I just made rice and put some lime juice on it and then mixed in the rest of the cilantro.

1 comment:

Calimaryn said...

Nice! I am so making that mushroom curry this week.


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