Sunday, June 1, 2008

Save the Tuna!

The other night I made the Save the Tuna Pate out of Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. It was a carrot base mixed with a creamy dressing and other flavor bits. DR had to work this afternoon so I tossed a couple wraps together for us before she left. Here, I put some of the STT pate with some homegrown sprouts (so easy, why would anyone buy them?). It was a nice, filling lunch, but the flavor was missing that little something something I couldn't put my finger on. Oh well, there is always next time. It might be my general unimpressedness (yeah, I made that up!) with raw sunflower seed cremes.

1 comment:

VeganSapien said...

That looks good to me. I have skimmed thru Ani's book at the store, but never purchased a copy. Maybe I will pick it up sometime.


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