Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raw Salad!

DR and I went in on a CSA box with our friends M and J. They wanted to do one, but the website for our farm said it was enough to feed a family of four, so they decided to find someone to split it with (on this note, we were looking at our box and wondering what this family was eating, since there was about enough produce for 3 meals in there!).

We decided to divide everything in half and so I went home with a half-head of leaf lettuce, ready to make a salad since lettuce doesn't fair well for too long in the fridge. I ripped and cleaned it up and put it in a 4 quart bowl with carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, sprouts, raw almonds, and probably some other things I can't remember! DR and I ate the whole thing with some dressings. The dressings weren't raw, but they were vegan-yummy!

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