Sunday, March 30, 2008


DR and I had a good time at the potluck today. I'm sure pictures will follow! I was thinking about dinner. I had leftover cheeze, seitan'o'greatness, and some pizza dough from the potluck. I was thinking of making a pizza when DR suggested Stromboli. I've never had a "real" Stromboli, but the idea of rolling everything into the dough and baking it seemed like a good plan.

Essentially, I took about 1/2 c mushrooms, 1 c cheeze, and the end hunks from the SOG and blasted them in the vitamix until they were all chopped. I when mixed them together and spread them onto the dough, which I had spread out in a large rectangle on the counter. I rolled it up and stuck it in the oven. Yum!


JW502 said...

That looks viciously delicious!

Puppy said...

it better, that is your pizza dough!

Veggie.Lover said...

i always think about making stromboli but haven't had the 'real' stuff, either.
oh well, i guess i don't need to compare it to anything, just decide if i like it!


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