Monday, March 31, 2008

Pasta with Mixed Veg

Tonight I tossed together a very simple dinner using some leftovers in the fridge. DR wanted me to use buckwheat noodles, but I vetoed that idea in favor of whole wheat pasta. The sauce is olive oil, mushrooms, the leftover asparagus/mushrooms from Za'tar the other night, spinach, and some chopped up leftover canned tomatoes and their juice. I added a little salt and Italian seasoning and tossed it all with the pasta. Very good! On the side, I cut up some romaine and put a little orange-sesame dressing on it. Part of me thought we had some dressing in the house, but the OS one was it!

I've been having some issues getting good pictures the past few days. My hands have been more shaky than normal from my medication (or it just too cold in my apartment!). My plan is to set up a mini-photography area in the house with good light and (hopefully) a tripod to get the shakies out, but I think my camera, on lower battery, is also part of the issue. Who knows?!

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Calimaryn said...

Yummy! I love it when leftover veggies become a lovely meal rather than lonely scraps waiting to go bad or end up in the freezer.

My camera is persnickety and since I typically take pics of dinner, its dark out, compounding the problems. A tripod sounds like a brilliant idea to steady the camera.


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