Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My friend Megan and I went on a candy making adventure. And hamz. But the post here is about candy! We are prepping up for the Egg-less Extravaganza this weekend. It will be fun. Vegan potlucks are always fun.

Anyways, the candies of the day included York-a-like Peppermint Patties, caramels, marshmallows, choco-nut clusters (Veg Times, above), and peanut butter cups (from our brains).

The choco-nut clusters were easy enough. Melt chocolate (here, semisweet). Put in cup. Insert goodies. For some I used a raw nut and fruit mix (almonds, pecans, walnuts, cranberries, etc) and the other I used candied ginger and sesame seeds. Fancy!

The other event of the day was the Peanutbutter Bac'n Candies. Megan made some "truffle style" (rolled in chocolate and then in bac'ns) but my pics of them look like crap. So, instead, I have my PB Bac'n Cup. Yup. The filling is peanutbutter with bac'n bits in it. This is coated in chocolate and topped with more bac'n. What is the world coming to? Needless to say, we made them for our boys.

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